Wouldn’t it be wonderful? A world where customers experience that they are truly the starting point of everything? Where co-workers can be themselves, shine, are set up for success and therefore love their company? Where processes are there to serve? In the end, we are all customers. We believe that it is time to change the way we lead, learn, interact and design. It is time for Reverse.
We are delighted to officially launch Startreverse.comthe book, the movie, the platform and more. How happy we would be if you were part of this celebration on Friday 10th of March 2017!
To create the possibility of gaining new insights on your journey to create a memorable and consistent experience, Cliff Crosbie will be our guest speaker. He has gathered significant knowledge of retailers wants and needs, and what it takes to drive innovation at the retail point of sale, and win customers hearts and minds. Mentoring is just one of the ways he tries to pass on his experiences and insights.

When & Where

Date: Friday 10th March
Time: 09.00 – 13.00 hours
Location: PS Experience Center (click for route)

What can you expect?

Here’s a sneak peak:
08.30 Coffee
09.30 Welcome & start of the program with Opening Ceremony
09.40 Foreword by André Wiringa
10.00 Get inspired: Cliff Crosbie (global award winning retail leader)
10.30 Official launch of Startreverse.com
10.45 Break
11.00 Workshop round 1 – How STAR is your company?
11.45 Workshop round 2 – Generating STARS; who are the STARS in your company?
12.30 Wrap-up & lunch
We are very much looking forward to having you as part of this launch event. Please register on this page to reserve your seat!


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