Reverse Customering Masterclass by Joe Pine & Andre Wiringa

    Reverse Customering by Joe Pine and Andre Wiringa

    Date: 26/04/2018

    Time: 10:30 - 16:30

    Location: Amsterdam, The Netherlands

    Automotive | Care | Hospitality | Keynotes | Retail | Telecom | Travel

    There are no markets; there are only customers! Therefore, we must stop marketing in all of its manifestations. Think reverse and start customering…

    Join this unique Masterclass about Reverse Customering by Joe Pine & Andre Wiringa, which combines world-class speakers with hands-on breakout sessions. Meet up with executive leaders and experience experts to learn new ideas and accelerate the experience for customers within your organization.

    Masterclass Overview

    Today’s rapidly evolving and competitive Experience Economy changes the way we lead, learn and interact. We must go beyond mere goods and services to stage experiences for our customers — true, distinctive, engaging experiences that are memorable, personal, and generate time well spent.

    But we cannot do that unless we take into account the individual, living, breathing customer. For experiences happen inside of people; they are the reaction people have to the events staged outside of them. Every experience is co-created between consumer and producer in a sensory-filled, dramatically structured, soul-enchanting dance of engagement.

    Once we see that we can finally cease treating customers as part of some market out there, somewhere, and instead regard them as the unique individuals they are. In fact, we must recognize the undeniable fact that there are no markets; there are only customers! Therefore, we must stop marketing in all of its manifestations. Think reverse and start customering…

    What You’ll Learn

    You’ll be inspired by main stage sessions from Joe Pine and Andre Wiringa. During several educational and interactive breakout sessions you’ll directly translate learnings to your organization. Main topics:

    • There are no markets, only customers! Therefore, we must stop marketing and start customering;
    • Mindshift: from multiple customers in a market to multiple markets in a customer;
    • The nature of true, distinctive experiences – co-created within each individual person;
    • From a product-centric to customer-centric organization. How to reverse engineer your organization by applying the ‘5D’ approach and go beyond customer satisfaction.

    What’s Included?

    • Series of 2 Masterclasses and break-out sessions by Joe Pine and Andre Wiringa
    • Copy of the books ‘The Experience Economy, Updated Edition’ from Joe Pine and ‘Start Reverse – Go Beyond Customer Satisfaction’ from Andre Wiringa, signed by the authors!
    • All location costs during the Masterclass (incl. valet parking)
    • Shuttle from Amsterdam Schiphol Airport
    • Lunch, drinks & snacks

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