Lush - Retail Concepts - Customer Experience 2When traveling for business or on vacation I always like to check out remarkable hotels, as well as new or simply appealing retail concepts. Lush Cosmetics is one of my favorites, being one of the most consistent in delivering a great experience. No matter on which continent you are, the teams always seem to be totally motivated to sparkle and make your day.

A few years ago, my wife and I took our family to Canada. In Quebec City we walked by a Lush store and I decided to step in. Sophie, our then eight-year-old daughter, followed and was immediately approached by one of the Lush team members. I explained that she didn’t speak English, and that we were actually just visiting and browsing. With even more enthusiasm the Lush associate asked where we were from and asked me to translate into Dutch for my daughter what she wanted to show her.

Ten minutes later, Sophie left the store totally delighted and without buying anything, but feeling that this was a really cool store. Guess where Sophie has purchased her Mother’s Day and Father’s Day presents several times since then?

Every product at Lush has its story, and none of the sales associates at Lush stores that I have met came across as a salesperson. I have always experienced Lush associates as outgoing, connecting, engaging, and hyper fans of what they are selling. Demonstrating and storytelling are key success factors at Lush retail.

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