New York City, almost Christmas

Marcia had invited Josh to the Christmas event that Pharma, the company she worked for, was organizing. Some of Marcia’s colleagues had heard what had happened in the Village and were raving about the experience they’d had in some of the stores. “Your store has become a really cool place,” Marcia’s manager Dominique said. “What is the secret recipe?” she asked.

For a moment Josh was back in London, where Alison had talked about the secret sauce of Bread&Care. And then he started sharing the insights he had gained and shared over the past months.

“Amazing,” Dominique said. “Sounds like we could use some of that recipe; if not a lot. Do you mind if I come to your store with some colleagues?” “Of course,” Josh said. Marcia insisted on also being part of the adventure this time.

Josh gave several presentations and his example inspired many managers and co-workers at Pharma. Dominique, in fact got a promotion because of the boost this had brought to the company’s culture and customer experience. In return Dominique had arranged that all 2100 employees at Pharma received a golden envelope with a $100 voucher each received from Books&More, allowing them to choose their own Christmas present. As a result, Books&More had become the favorite bookstore of many Pharma employees.

Josh opened a second store near Bryant Park and around the corner from one of the Bread&Care restaurants. He asked Martin to run it, which he did in an engaging manner like never before. Many Bread&Care guests were being referred by the CAREmakers to stop by the bookstore. And the team of Books&More in turn referred many guests to Bread&Care.

Reverse The Novel - Chapter 10 The End - ImageMarcia delivered a beautiful baby, Nicholas. She decided to quit her job at Pharma and spend more time with Josh and at home. She also worked on their plans to open a third store. As a result, Nicholas spent a lot of time between books, even before he could walk…

Dominique, Josh, and his fellow retailers were asked to speak and share their insights with leaders from several retail chains, banks, hotels, hospitals, and other sectors. And so, the impact of reverse thinking & engineering simply kept growing.


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